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Embrace and
shine your light.

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Achieve balance in your physical, spiritual and emotional health and get a powerful, healing sense of self-awareness.


I’m so happy to share my passion for mindful movement with you. Transformation starts with movement, and by connecting with our bodies, we can improve our overall wellbeing and lead happier, healthier lives.


The Gong is a remarkable instrument of sound therapy that offers numerous benefits. It has the power to release tension from both our body and mind, allowing us to quickly enter a state of deep relaxation.

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Sometimes life can be challenging, and we feel like we need support to overcome obstacles, learn new skills, and develop strategies to navigate life with more ease, confidence, and happiness, as well as inner light.


Hey, I'm Iva!

I am happy you are visiting my website, where I share my experiences with the healing powers of movement and sound. These practices are essential tools for cultivating a healthy mindset and daily motivation, which are the foundation for a fulfilling and loving life. Having worked in these fields for over thirty years with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds, I’m excited to help you discover their transformative potential.

If we all shine our lights, we will have a bright world.

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When one bell is rung, by the sound of that one bell other bells will also vibrate. So, it is with the dancing of the soul...it produces its reaction, and that again, will make other souls dance.


Some of my wonderful clients shared their positive experiences with me. 

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