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Kirtan uplifts your spirit and opens your heart.

The Sanskrit word „Kirtan“ (कीर्तन) means „singing the name“; we sing names and qualities that are already within us, evoking  joy, peace, trust, bliss, and above all, wholeness, as well as the feeling of togetherness.


What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is an ancient traditional practice from India, a form of sound meditation where we sing mantras collectively. By connecting the sounds with our own voices, we directly connect with our hearts.

As part of the Bhakti Yoga tradition, Kirtan is also known as the Yoga of devotion or the Yoga of the heart. It is a practice similar to physical yoga, except that we train the heart through singing. Kirtan does for the mind and soul what a yoga asana class does for the physical body. It is an effective way to dissolve blockages and stress through the vibrations of sound. Each verse, each harmony brings us closer to ourselves.

This practice clears the mind, uplifts spirits, and opens hearts. Many find it easier to meditate with the focus provided by the mantra, along with the high-vibration melody and rhythm.

We chant together in call and response, accompanied by harmonium and drum. You do not have to be a singer; your voice is your instrument to connect with your inner power. Kirtan welcomes people of all ages, beliefs, faiths, and those with none.


What is a mantra?

„Mantra“ (मंत्र) is derived from two Sanskrit words: „manas“ (mind) and „tra“ (instrument or tool). So, „Mantra“ can roughly be translated as: „Tool for the mind.“ A mantra is a word, a sound, or a phrase that is repeated to calm the mind and thoughts and to establish a connection to our inner silence. Mantras are usually recited in Sanskrit and have deep meanings that, even if not understood, have an effect on us and activate certain energies, as well as support protection, healing, or spiritual growth.



We sing in Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages known as the language of the soul. These ancient syllables were discovered centuries ago by saints and sages in deep states of meditation. As they heard the mantras echo within them, they chanted them aloud, using them as gateways to deeper states of meditation.



Stress Reduction
Kirtan promotes relaxation and reduces stress through rhythmic chanting, calming the mind and body, nurturing inner peace.

Emotional Healing
Engaging in Kirtan enables emotional release and healing, fostering feelings of joy, bliss and contentment.

Community Connection
Kirtan fosters a sense of community, belonging and feelings of unity with others as participants come together to chant and share in the experience.

Mindfulness and Presence
By focusing the attention on the mantra, the chanting and the present moment Kirtan cultivates mindfulness and presence, quieting the mind and promoting inner awareness and clarity.

Spiritual Upliftment
Kirtan deepens spiritual connection and inspiration. through sacred chanting, providing a sense of spiritual upliftment. The repetitive chanting of sacred mantras connects individuals with their higher selves or with a divine presence.

Practices like chanting work by gradually removing our false sense of separateness.

Upcoming events

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Kirtan in 1090 Wien

Yoga8: Alser Straße 26
Cost: 23.-

Iva Rohlik & Christian Weiss (Tabla)

  • 26.05.2024, 19:00

Kirtan in 1010 Wien

Manas Yoga: Franz-Josefs-Kai 41/17
Cost: 28.-

Iva Rohlik & Christian Weiss (Tabla)

  • 19.04.2024, 19:00 
  • 14.06.2024, 19:00
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